Ski Mountaineering: Prerig the Rope in a Backpack

Written by: Jere Burrell



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The ability to use a rope in steep terrain opens up a world of access. From rappels to belayed riding a rope adds a layer of security we may desire. Applying a rope in different situations takes practice and experience. In the end accessing your rope in steep terrain should be very easy. 

The Why: 
✅ Pack stays on for easy rope deployment

✅ No kiwi coils to get tangled 

✅ Pull out as much or as little as you need

Why Not: 
🛑 Hard to gauge how much rope remains in the pack 

🛑 Thicker ropes take up more space with this style

🛑 Can snag and unintentionally deploy

🛑 Entanglement hazard during an avalanche 

⚠️ A rope can assist a lot of situations from managing steep terrain for an unsure rider to assisting rescue sled lowers of an incapacitated patient. But it can also give a false sense of security. Poor anchors and unintentional deployment can cause more harm than it protects from.