• Dropping into a ski descent on a splitboard after summiting Mt. Baker

    Skiing and Splitboarding

    We offer splitboard and ski touring courses and trips across the world - from Washington, to Alaska, to Japan. Each course is designed to build your backcountry skills, increase backcountry safety, and explore new zones. We also offer splitboard trips and ski touring trips that are curated for those wanting to take their skills to the next level and explore new terrain.

  • Mountaineering Courses and Trips


    Our mountaineering trips and courses introduce new skills and allow you to practice and apply these skills to climb some of the finest peaks in the Pacific Northwest.

    Hone-in mountaineering skills and summit the most iconic peaks in the North Cascades. Book a trip or join us for a course and take your mountaineering to the next level!

  • Red Rock Climbing Trip

    Rock Climbing

    Whether you are an avid rock-climber or a novice, we offer rock climbing trips and rock climbing courses for all skill levels. If you have been searching for an introduction to rappelling, lead climbing, multi-pitch climbing or are just trying to improve your climbing skills and explore new rock climbing areas - reach out to book a trip or course with us today!

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About Guided Exposure

Based in the unbeatable North Cascades we provide avalanche education, ski, splitboard, and rock climbing courses, and guided ski trips, rock and alpine climbs to satiate any mountain appetite. With Mount Baker as our home turf we hone our craft to provide unparalleled mountain experiences here at home and throughout the world. 

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Private Trips

Private trips are ideal for those who desire a one-on-one or private group experience. Flexible dates allow you to book your trip when conditions are ideal.

Dreaming of a specific route? Eyeing a peak? Eager to summit a specific mountain?

Our private backcountry trips are built for you or your group - whatever your skill level or experience, we will customize a trip to meet your needs and challenge you to climb further.

Let's plan your perfect route together. Contact us to chat about your trip.

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