Ski Mountaineering: Prepare the Rope for a Ski Belay

Written by: Jere Burrell



Time to read min

Rope management is a stylistic art the allows teams to flow through terrain. It starts with anticipating which technique to use then is followed by smooth execution. 

The Why:
✅ Clean stacked rope will feed smoothly

✅ Provides smooth feeding for the person being belayed or lowered

✅ Keeps things organized

✅ Sets up for smooth operation which is also fast

Why Not:
🛑 Steep terrain doesn’t allow ground stacking

🛑 Rope is in a self feeding stuff sack in your backpack

⚠️ Preparing and managing a rope for a technical skill is foundational to excellent execution. In this case giving a belay or lowering a rider will be smooth and allow them to maintain comfort, control, and confidence. As always close your system with a barrel knot in the end to prevent system failure.