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  • A climber practices rock rescue systems while standing at a n anchor high above an emerald green forest

Rock Rescue: 2 Day

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During this 2 day course participants will learn the essentials of rescue in rock climbing. If you're starting to climb multi pitch sport routes, leading multi pitch trad, or climbing alpine rock then this course will give you the skills to prepare for the unexpected. From stuck belay devices to multipitch rappelling with an injured climber the 2 day rescue course has you covered. 

Our course starts on day 1 with the basics of single pitch rescue skills such as pick offs, rope ascending, belay escapes, and mechanical advantage. On day 2 we cover multi pitch rescue skills such as hauling, load transfers, and tandem and counter balance rappels. By the end of the course you will have the skills to execute your own self rescue on long rock routes with 4 or more pitches. 


Course venues include: Vantage, Index, Darrington, Mount Erie


Custom and available upon request: Squamish, Boulder CO, Moab Utah, or Red Rock Nevada. 


Learning Outcomes

  • Rope Ascending 
  • Belay Escapes
  • Load Transfers
  • Single Pitch and Multi-pitch Lowers
  • Pick offs
  • Mechanical Advantage and Hauling
  • Tandem and Counter Balance Rappelling 

Best for

  • Climbers with a good foundation of sport or traditional climbing skills
  • Ability to tie knots & hitches
  • Climbing partners looking to improve their team dynamic
  • Climbers that are taking their skills to longer and higher routes and want to have rescue skills in the event of unexpected events 


Gear List



Base Layer



Wicking Top

O.R. Echo Tee

O.R. Echo Tee




Mid Layer



Wind Shirt

O.R. Helium Wind Hoodie Jacket

O.R. Helium Wind Hooded Jacket

Fleece Jacket

O.R. Trailmix Full Zip Hoodie

O.R. Trailmix Full Zip Hoodie




Soft Shell Pants or Shorts

O.R. Ferrosi Pants

O.R. Ferrosi Pants

Sun Hat

O.R. Swift Cap

O.R. Swift Cap

Lightweight Belay Gloves

O.R. Splitter Work Gloves

O.R. Splitter Work Gloves

Personal Gear

Climbing  Pack 35L


Approach Shoes

Salewa Wildfire

Salewa Wildfire


BD Storm

Water Bottles

2 1L Wide Mouth or Hydration system



Personal Items

Adjustable Trekking Pole (Optional)


Lip Balm

SPF 15+


SPF 25+ waterproof

Face Mask (surgical)


Hand sanitizer

Travel Size

Small 1st aid

Band aids, blister kit, aspirin, ibuprofen, medications

Climbing Gear

Climbing Helmet

BD Vector

Climbing Harness-

BD Momentum

Climbing Shoes-

T.C. Pro

Hand Jammies/ Crack Gloves

O.R. Splitter Crack Gloves

4 x Locking Carabiners

1 HMS Locking Carabiner

Locking Carabiners

BD Lockrock Screw Gate Locking Carabiner

1 x 6-meter x 7mm Cordelette


1 x 3-meter x 6mm cord




1 x double length runner 120cm

Nylon Runners

Optional Items

Summit pack –25 to 30-Liter

Exped Summit Lite 25





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