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  • Climber practices Crevasse recuse systems on the side of Mount Baker with the mountain in the background.
  • Student probes for the edge of a steep embankment to get ready for rappelling.
  • During Crevasse Rescue practice, a student uses an extended rappel and gets ready to  lower themselves over the edge of a road cut.
  • Student rappels over a road cut while practicing crevasse rescue.
  • Lead Guide and Founder of Guided Exposure teaching students the basics of Crevasse Rescue.
  • When re-ascending a rope, this student is using a foot loop and a prussik to make their way back up to their system from a vertical hanging position on a road cut.
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Crevasse Rescue Course

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$175.00 USD

1-Day Crevasse Rescue Course: Elevate Your Glacier Safety Skills

Are you a skier, rider, or mountaineer looking to master the essentials of crevasse rescue? Our intensive 1-day course has you covered.

Perfect for Aspiring Summit Conquerors

If you're setting your sights on the summits of Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, or Glacier Peak, this course is a must.

Seasonal Offerings

Our courses cater to the seasons. Early spring sessions are held at the Mount Baker Ski Area, while in summer, we transition to glacier terrain on Mount Baker for a hands-on experience.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover crucial techniques for rescuing someone from a crevasse.
  • Brush up on your knot-tying skills and essential hitches.
  • Develop a practical understanding of mechanical advantage and self-rescue.
  • Master the art of snow anchors, hauling systems, lowering techniques, and rope ascending/descending.

Best For

Whether you're preparing for a guided summit climb or seeking a refresher on crevasse rescue, this course welcomes participants of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Elevate your mountain safety skills with us and ensure you're well-prepared for any adventure in the great outdoors.



      Gear List


      Base Layer



      Thermal Bottom

      O.R. Alpine Onset Bottoms

      O.R. Alpine Onset Bottoms

      Thermal Top

      O.R. Alpine Onset Crew

      O.R. Onset Crew

      Ski Socks



      Mid Layer



      Soft Shell

      O.R. Ferrosi Hooded Jacket

      O.R. Ferrosi Hooded Jacket




      Fleece Jacket

      O.R. Vigor Fleece Hoodie

      O.R. Vigor Hooded Jacket




      Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

      O.R. Skyward II Jacket

      O.R. Skyward II Jacket

      Lightweight Waterproof Pants

      O.R. Skyward II Pants

      O.R. Skyward II Pants



      Warm Hat, Beanie

      O.R. Beanie

      O.R. Beanie

      Sun Hat, Ball Cap, Visor

      O.R. Swift Cap

      O.R. Swift Cap

      Lightweight Gloves

      O.R. Extravert Gloves

      O.R. Stormtracker Gloves

      Ski Gloves

      O.R. Arete Glove

      O.R. Arete Gloves





      O.R. Transcendent Down Jacket

      O.R. Transcendent Down Jacket




      Synthetic Jacket

      O.R. Refuge Hooded

      O.R. Refuge Hooded

      Personal Gear

      Day Pack 25-40L

      Mammut Pro X 35L

      Mammut Pro X 35L

      Water Bottles

      2 1L Wide Mouth or Hydration system

      Lunch and Snacks




      Adequate for Snow Travel

      Goggles w/ Spare Lens

      Or 2nd pair of goggles

      Low Light and Sunny Lens


      SPF 25+

      Lip Balm

      SPF 15+


      O.R. Echo Ubertube

      O.R. Echo Ubertube




      O.R. Option Balaclava

      O.R. Option Balaclava




      Ski or Snowboard Gear

      Skis or Splitboard

      Weston Backcountry Splits and Skis

      Ski Boots


      Ski Poles

      Black Diamond 3 Piece Poles (140cm)

      Climbing Skins

      Touring Skins

      Avalanche Safety Gear

      Transceiver/ Beacon

      Black Diamond Powder BT


      Transfer 3


      Quickdraw 280cm

      Ski pole probes are not acceptable

      Optional Items

      We highly recommend these but do not require them to participate.

      Airbag Packs


      Snow Saw

      Primomo Snow Saws

      Basic Snow study Kit

      BCA Snow Study Kit

      Notebook and writing utensil

      Rite in the Rain 374 and Pencil

      Winter Snow Boots- Parking Lot

      Sorel Style Boots


      Vacuum Style for Hot Tea or Cocoa


      Adjustable Declination


      Suunto Watch

      Map Case or Goggle Protection

      Zip Loc


      Caltopo or GAIA



      Cancellation Policy 

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